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Our Team

Edith Law (PI, University of Waterloo)

Dr. Andrew Lim (PI, Sunnybrook Hospital)

Joelle Pineau (PI, McGill University)

Mike Schaekermann (PhD Student)

Louis Kuang (Masters Student)

Graeme Beaton (Research Assistant/Coordinator)

Our Collaborators

Dr. Jorge Burneo (Western University)

Dr. Brian Murray (Sunnybrook Hospital)

Richard Wennberg (Toronto Western Hospital)

Dr. Farrah Mateen (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Past members of our team include:

William Callaghan (Former Masters Student)

Pierre Thodoroff (Former Masters Student)

Evgeny Naumov (Former Masters Student)

Josh Bradshaw (Former Coop Student)

Helga Jiang (Former Coop Student)