crowdEEG at NeuroTechX

The local Toronto chapter of NeuroTechX, arguably the largest and most vibrant global meetup community for neurotechnology, recently invited the crowdEEG team to present their work to an interested crowd of medical experts, entrepreneurs, engineers and neurotech enthusiasts.

CrowdEEG at NeuroTechTO - Presentation

Our Masters student Mike Schaekermann set out to enthuse the meetup community with crowdEEG’s research mission in a 3 minute pitch presentation…

CrowdEEG at NeuroTechTO - Demo Table

…and in face-to-face conversations with attendees who were all invited to try out our web-based EEG annotator at our interactive demo table.

We would like to thank Martin Smith and the entire NeuroTechTO team for your kind invitation, and everyone who attended the meetup for making it such a great event!